The deadline to file an appeal in Missouri is Monday, July 11th. If you have a new property you'd like us to review, please email as soon as possible. Only properties that were not appealed in 2021 are eligible for appeal in 2022.

2017 Discrimination Case


We received a very favorable ruling in the St. Louis County Circuit Court lambasting the State Tax Commission for ignoring their own previous rulings.  The judge stated that there was clearly discrimination in the 2017 assessments that can’t be ignored.  In addition, the circuit court said that limiting our ability to depose county assessment officials was wrong.  The St. Louis County Assessor appealed the circuit court ruling to the MO Court of Appeals. 


The County Assessor’s final brief was due June 13, 2022 in their appeal of the Circuit Court ruling that again was favorable to you/us.  We've got 30 days to write a final brief, then, a three-judge panel will be assigned the case and a date will be set for oral arguments.  A final ruling will happen after the oral arguments.  We hope for a ruling in the next 3 to 4 months.


We hope the ruling will affirm the Circuit court ruling that gave specific instructions on how the State Tax Commission errored and instruct them to rule in your/our favor.


The evidence presented by us indicates the median level of assessment was 15% below where it should be and the weighted mean was 25% below.  If we are successful, you could receive a minimum tax refund of 15%, but this amount may be greater depending on the final appraised market value of your property.

2021 Discrimination Case and Valuation Case Update


All open 2021 appeals are at the State Tax Commission.  Due to the large volume of appeals, evidentiary exchange of appraisals by both parties is February 2023. 


The Ratio/Discrimination portion of your appeal has not been set for a hearing date yet.  But it most likely will be in September 2023.


The targeted tax savings for ratio / discrimination claims is again 15%, but your actual refund if successful may be greater depending on the final appraised market value of your property. 


If you would like to discuss further the specific details of your case, please contact us.

Featured Team Member
David Dempsey


David G. Dempsey, Jr., a founding partner of Property Assessment Review, has been fighting for taxpayer rights and equitable taxation for his clients for the past 30 years.


David’s extensive knowledge of Missouri Statues and State Tax Commission decisions regarding property tax issues has resulted in precedent-setting reductions and refunds for his clients. His prior experience as a commercial broker provides a critical, market-oriented approach to value which often is overlooked in the assessment process.

Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted associate.  If you know of anyone that could benefit from our services please put us in touch with them. 

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